10 Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Increasing blog traffic with content marketing can be often tricky but there are ways to gather quite a big increase in monthly visitors.

1. Content Length

Length of the content does matter but remember to make it quality and not just ramblings of a madman. Buzzsumo found that the most shared blog posts are 3000 – 10 000 words long. It gives you time to go into detail and have some great insights as you are not as limited by the word count.

Average shares by content lenght[Image source]

Main points on why to do longer blog content:

  • People still do blog posts with 500 words so you will stand out compared to them.
  • Longer blog posts gather higher authority as people spend more time reading it even if it’s just skimming.
  • You can show that you did your research on the topic and can become more of an authority on the topic.
  • Above point will help you get more backlinks to your website.
  • You can repurpose the content to smaller snippets and create a content cluster as the long blog post as the pillar content.

2. Long-tail Keyword Competition

Most of the industries are highly competitive when it comes to blogging. Using an SEO tool will help in identifying the long-tail keywords you should aim to rank for.

You might ask why long-tail keywords? It is generally easier to rank for them compared to a single high searched keyword.

Why not target a single keyword? Ranking for it is highly challenging and with a long-tail keyword, the single keyword can also be in the title and URL to build ranking for it. You can see the difference in the picture below.

long-tail keyword exampleYou can get search volumes from Google Adwords Keyword Planner to see where you should focus your content marketing efforts. You can read how to use Keyword Planner here. (More on keyword research here)

3. Email Marketing – D’oh!

Email marketing is highly relevant and collecting right kind of subscribers you can have a high amount of opens for your email sends which in turn means that they will spend time reading your blog posts. What did this increase? Page authority as they are spending time on your website.

Why build an email marketing list?

  1. Potential clients for your business
  2. People who think in the same way or are interested in what you do (future employees?)
  3. Word of mouth referrals for your most active readers
  4. Social shares for your blog
  5. High-quality traffic for your blog

4. Guest Blogging – Backlink and Referral Traffic

When you get backlinks from popular blogs your organic search rankings will skyrocket and bring referral traffic in the process as well. It will take time to have your blog post published on a relevant website to your industry but well worth the work.

To find relevant websites for your business you can use tools such as Simple SERP Scraper to check for many keywords at the same time or do it manually yourself in Google.

5. Reference Own and Others Posts

The Internet isn’t made for only text content. Referencing your own blog posts when it is relevant makes a lot of sense and increases the user experience of your website as well. Another option is to refer from other blogs and you might end up getting a link back to yours.

This is a way to get those valuable and relevant backlinks as well!

6. Target People Who Share Your Content

When thinking about who you are writing for try to get to the niche of people (depending on your industry) who are active in social networks and are thus more likely to share your content. They are far less than the whole potential audience of your blog but through them, you can get more shared and credibility.

One problem with this can be that shares might not get as many clicks as you think as The Digital Marketing podcast has brought to light. However, it will increase your exposure same as display ads. It’s not always about clicks but staying on top of mind.

7. Take Part in Social Communities

Your audience often gathers in different social media communities and share content in “dark social” (for example WhatsApp). It is good to take part in these communities to spark conversations regarding your industry.

Quora is one example where answering questions people ask is a great way to bring your brand to the eyes of people who are trying to solve an issue. If it is a popular question and you provide a great answer it can bring quite decent traffic for a long while.

Rule of thumb regarding these communities is that don’t jump in unless you know what is the etiquette and behaviour of the group. Also when you feel confident you will get better results in your content marketing efforts in social communities.

8. Add Graphics

People like to look at pictures and graphics which simply explain the topic. If you have any idea what could be relevant to your readers or explain your idea better then, by all means, use that. You can create easy pictures in powerpoint for example like I did above about long-tail keywords.

Even better if you have a talent for photoshop and/or taking pictures. That is a great way to bring a unique feeling to your content. Also an additional source of traffic through image search.

9. Interact on Other Blogs’ Comment Section

A lot of comments in blogs can be spam or don’t add any real value. Some of them are valuable and add real value to the blog post. If you are planning to be the person to add value then, by all means, do that!

I’d the advice to be careful about how you link back to your website from the comment section. Give the content in the comment and if people want to read more than they could click the link but don’t force them to go to your blog for the answers.

10. Last Tip – Consistency!

Be consistent! Creating valuable content is time-consuming and can be frustrating when you aren’t getting the traffic amounts you’d like. It takes time and effort. Do not give up!

I myself haven’t been consistent enough but aiming to be more consistent now and in the future to build my own website and personal brand.

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