2017 | Marketing and Technology in Review

2017 has passed and it is time to take a look back at the biggest breakthroughs and technological advancements. I have collected new and blog posts from different sources for you to enjoy. Let me know if I missed any!

7 Breakthroughs That Prove We Are Living in The Future

Futurism collected big breakthroughs that make it apparent we are living in the future already. Below you can find the list of these:

  1. An artificial womb sustains life
  2. Embryo was edited in the US for the first time
  3. Gene editing inside a human body
  4. Large Hadron Collider discovered a system of five particles in a single analysis
  5. Sending a message using quantum cryptography – Quantum internet is the future horizon
  6. Era of reusable rockets – Courtesy of SpaceX
  7. Finding of TRAPPIST-1 system and potentially Earth 2.0

Read all about these here: https://futurism.com/top-7-breakthroughs-2017-prove-living-future/

Best of Web Development and Design

Codeburst collected popular web development, design articles and tutorials from 2017. If you are looking into web development or design I highly recommend you look into these things. However, these are more for coders than pure marketers. Both need understanding of both worlds.

Check them out here: https://codeburst.io/web-development-design-top-10-in-2017-e3d0645a4dcd

B2B Marketing Innovation

Year 2017 was a wonderful year for B2B marketers. ABM went mainstream and a lot of software companies are helping marketers to take advantage of this method. With ABM going mainstream it helped the marketing technology landscape experience a rapid growth.

AI and ABM kicked off properly and will continue to do so during next year. B2B agencies found themselves immersed in ABM and over 70% plan to integrate it to their focus in the near future.

Read more here: https://martechtoday.com/2017-year-b2b-marketing-innovation-208608

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