2018 | What Will Happen in Marketing & Technology?

Another year and technological advancement is faster than ever. This will be a really interesting year to see what happens in technology in general and in marketing.

In this blog post I have collected articles from different sources to give you an overview of what we might see this year and what we should do.

AMP your site?

Moz has taken a stab at this and they drove deep into case studies and examples to help solve it. AMP = accelerated mobile pages. To get the benefit of AMP you should really spend time to implement it properly and have also analytics in place to see how it performs.

Link: https://moz.com/blog/amp-digital-marketing-2018

5 Things to Worry About

As they, Futurism, report on all things futuristic here are few things to worry about this year. Some of these affect marketing in the USA especially but we will feel the ripple effects in other parts of the world also.

  1. Net Neutrality which can spread misinformation
  2. Chance of magnitude 9.0 quake in the Pacific Northwest
  3. Bitcoin bubble might pop
  4. U.S. healthcare subsidies end
  5. Hackers attack the U.S. power grid

Link: https://futurism.com/five-things-to-worry-about-in-2018/

After GDPR there ePrivacy Regulation

GDPR will come to force on 25th of May which is something every company should be preparing for. ePrivacy is, however, still in approval process. Optimistic estimation is that it will be approved by the end of 2018 without any plans of implementation yet.

ePrivacy and GDPR are meant to go together and there are efforts to make them match. Read more from the link here:  https://martechtoday.com/right-behind-gdpr-theres-eprivacy-regulation-208717

5 PPC Trends to watch for

Ginny Marvin tells about trends that will affect nearly every marketer working with PPC networks.

  1. Structured data will matter more
  2. Google-Amazon rivalry will spur search ad innovations
  3. Voice and visual search will affect user behavior before they see ads
  4. Work will change as AI becomes relevant part of your work
  5. Channel expansion and measuring for incrementality

You can read more deeply about them here: https://searchengineland.com/ppc-search-ads-trends-2018-288935

7 Email Marketing Trends

  1. Editorial content is a must-have
  2. Automation and AI technologies are making emails more humanlike
  3. Real-time and cross-channel personalization will be even more relevant and will drive customer experience
  4. Kinetic email will change email experience towards website feel
  5. Passive opt-outs continue to be a big challenge
  6. Mobile purchasing reaches a tipping point and overtake desktop
  7. GDPR will be a huge problem to for the unprepared

Read more here: https://marketingland.com/7-email-trends-watch-2018-231177

Scientific Mysteries Who Need Solving

And to end this collection some mysteries we still need to solve.

  1. Why do we need sleep?
  2. What is dark matter, and why can’t we see it?
  3. How was the universe created?
  4. Where is planet nine beyond the Kuiper belt?
  5. Why do certain sounds make our brains tingle?
  6. Where is intelligent alien life?

Source: https://futurism.com/darpa-launches-subterranean-challenge-improve-underground-ops/


Year of 2018 has begun and it is full of opportunities to take and problems to solve. So lets make it a great one!

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