4 Quick Wins with Omnichannel

Omnichannel is one of those buzzwords that gets thrown around and all companies say they strive for it. However it is often an aimless walk towards some ideology that they haven’t clearly defined. There are few key steps in specific areas which you can take to show quick wins and ROI from your investment to omnichannel technologies in marketing and improve your customer experience. The areas are in no specific order: website personalization, real-time email personalization, social media and mobile personalization.

Website Personalization

Having a personalized website for different users depending for example on the traffic sources or CRM data. This can greatly improve your conversion rates from visitor to lead and eventually to a customer. If your traffic is unknown you can use for example referral data to personalize on a bigger scale but get the ball rolling before you have many leads on a new platform. A persons website behavior can be matched to an existing buyer persona’s behavior to serve right type of content at the right time – being in context is the stuff!

For example if a person comes from LinkedIn and you have set that people from that traffic source should see specific content to convert to a lead more likely. You can do this to social channels or even for advertising to increase the conversions of your whole website. Imagination and data here is they key – you need to know who your potential customers are and what kind of content they like to consume.

Real-time Email Personalization

Real-time email personalization is something to be discovered still on a massive scale and people will most likely never know if they have received an email that does that. In practice it means that the content isn’t locked down until the person opens up the email. Very efficient if you have offers that are valid only a short amount of time not to frustrate potential customers or existing customers that missed an offer. Example is a real-time email follow up when a person has abandoned their shopping cart can prompt the person to buy it with a small discount and stay or become your customer.

For real-time emails to reap the maximum benefits you need to introduce new thinking to your marketing team so that you won’t be interfering with any on-going campaigns and other marketing activities. It is all about seeing the big picture.

A good example is when you get an email to your inbox on Monday that has a discount which is valid until Wednesday. However you only open it on Thursday. You won’t see the same offer but a regular promotion email or another offer that is relevant for the weekend.

Social Media

Creating different and fun ways for leads and customers to engage with your content with specific hashtags or keywords to which you can react automatically or manually. For optimal result you need to leverage both sides – human and technology.

Have a few specific rules for keyword reactions can let you react in a moment of opportunity to close a sale and possibly even take a customer from a competitor. Identifying your biggest fans and leveraging their social media reach can prove to have immense ROI for time spent on it. With these you have to be careful not to seem too greedy.

Mobile Personalization

Using for example in-store tracking of people who have downloaded your app to have automatic push notifications on specific offers to maximize engagement and omnichannel experience for customers.

Showing personalized content in mobile app based on your POS and/or loyalty card interactions and walking pattern in a store. For example to get a person to wander around to a different part of your store to buy something they hadn’t though about before.

Here technology is again proving to be invaluable and making a lot of things possible. Imagination is often the limit when developing high end customer experiences. – technology has the solutions already.

To Be Aware Off

When designing and using different marketing technologies you have to be extremely aware of how it affects different marketing, sales and customer support activities. Today everything affects everything. Making it increasingly important for you to have the big picture of customer journeys throughout their customer life-cycles to make most out of your marketing efforts.

High end customer experience isn’t a bonus but a requirement today. Consumers do not care how big, small or what kind of challenges you have – they demand personal customer experience.

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