Digital Marketing & Technology Week 48

Here I collect weekly the biggest and most impacting news or content from websites I follow. Think of it as a curated weekly newsletter for you. This week I have chose the first set of news or content that will provide great value for you. I will focus on marketing technology mainly and what it brings to the world of marketers.

4 things marketers should do about GDPR now (other than panic)

As everyone knows GDPR is coming fast to Europe and there are things we need to do as marketers to avoid potentially huge penalties. Scott Brinker has listed 4 things you should do before it arrives in May 2018. if you are unfamiliar with it I advice you to read the fundamentals of it from my blog post here.

My 12 most important SEO metrics to monitor

Quite a good list of metrics to follow when doing SEO. Main list of highly important search engine optimization metrics to follow below. There are of course more underlying things you should follow and keep in mind.

  1. Organic traffic
  2. Organic bounce rate
  3. Organic conversion rate
  4. Top exit pages for organic traffic
  5. Breakdown of organic traffic from Bing and Google (only truly matters if you are a huge brand in my opinion)
  6. Keywords ranked in Google
  7. Local visibility
  8. Click-through rate (CTR)
  9. Pages indexed in Google Search Console
  10. Pages crawled per day
  11. Duplicate titles and descriptions
  12. Crawl errors

How to choose the right customer data platform

Customer data platform is something that is rising in importance in the past months and will continue to do so because of how “scattered” the digital playing field is for the potential customers. Customer experience is the thing these days!

Google adds a donate button directly into search for US-based nonprofits

I think this is great news for the world and nonprofits which are fighting for causes that truly matter. making it easier to donate is essential in modern hectic life.


I hope you enjoyed the first week of this and I hope to keep this up. if you have any ideas of articles or content you think I or somebody else in the industry of marketing would find useful please send it to me. Now over and out for the weekend!

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