The Beginning Part 1: Keyword Research with Keyword Planner & SERP Scraping

Starting a new website is always daunting but I finally decided to start one with my own name plastered all over it. First to work as a testing ground for all my ideas for how content marketing and as a case study. Secondly, I wanted one to have an outlet as my work is sometimes limiting of my copywriting topics. Finally having a website as a marketer is, let us be honest, a must have.

I decided to document my journey of building content on this website and how far it can take me. I will post regular updates and share my learnings during this journey.

Majority of the tools I use on this website are free of charge or I am using their free editions. There are limitations and some logos here and there. Now buckle up and enjoy the ride with me!

Keyword Research - Content PerformanceKeyword Research & Keyword Planner

First, I started with listing every possible topic and marketing jargon I could think of. This was to get started with keyword research and identifying the site structure for optimal organic search visibility. Not going after the big fish but grabbing the low hanging fruits when writing the first pieces of content.

Adwords - Keyword Research ToolOnce I was confident I had listed enough keywords I put them to to get similarities and different search terms people are searching in Finland. I chose Finland as a target country although I will be mainly writing in English due to easier targeting and building my own personal brand during this project.

From I pulled the given keywords to Google AdWords Keyword Planner to see their search volume. I did this for all keywords I could think of and in the end combined all the data I gathered to an excel file.

I ended up with roughly 7,000 words with data about search volume and competition if I were to bid on them. Competition difficulty you can use to further hone your content marketing plan.

Keyword Research - SERP Scraper

SERP Scraping

Using simple SERP scraper I chose few of the search terms and pulled data from search on what websites are ranking in the top 20. From these I pulled ideas and in future get some backlinks perhaps?

Understanding how different websites rank in search engines, what kind of content they and how much can greatly help you in your journey and I hope it helps me on mine.

Read more from the next part to keep up with the journey of personal blogging experience.

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