3 Barriers of AI Adoption Which Vendors Have Created

Artificial intelligence is truly moving up the hype cycle. A lot of the software providers are looking to take their piece of the cake. It is offering exciting opportunities but there are downsides to this hype as well. Some vendors are forgetting to identify the need of the customer and customers are also part of this problem. CMSWire highlighted the following problems and I must say that I agree with them.

Lack of Differentiation

There is a growing number of startups which are entering the industry while larger vendors are pushing their own products (IBM, Salesforce, Adobe). There is a challenge in understanding what is the difference between the providers and their products.

Jim Hare is saying that there are over 1,000 vendors on the marketplace who say they offer AI applications but who of these is offering actual artificial intelligence is a question mark. One way to solve this would be to have clearly defined what solution they are offering or what they are trying to solve.

Unnecessary Complexity

Complexity of capabilities of different machine learning solutions are in the headlines. Maybe rather than look at those you should look at the ones who have already proven track record with existing clients to make sure you are not wasting your money and resources.

Simplicity can still offer savings to your company and you can expand from it.

War for Talent

Surprise! Not. There has been an existing skill shortage in the information technology industry for quite some time and it is prominent in Finland as well. A lot of recruitment companies are specializing in IT. According to Gartner’s 2017 AI development strategies survey over 50% of the companies answered that talent shortage is a huge barrier for AI adoption.

How to overcome these barriers? I’d recommend tackling business issues and marketing at the forefront to enable a more personalized experience for your potential customers. It can be in advertising or in your own channels, like emails.

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